About Cruise Job Fairs

Visit a Cruise Job Fair and meet recruiters face-to-face.

Attending a Cruise Job Fair is a fantastic way of meeting cruise line recruiters in person. These recruitments events take place throughout the year at various locations around the world and provide the ultimate networking platform for candidates and recruiters alike.

They should be considered as a ‘pre-interview’ as they offer candidates a unique opportunity to meet the recruiters face-to-face with a limited time to introduce themselves, talk about their experience and ask questions.

It is an ideal time to grab a recruiter’s attention and the same rules apply as they would in an interview, in terms of appearance, demeanour, looking organised and professional, etc.

Those that stand out from the crowd will be invited to attend an interview, possibly during the event itself in a breakout area with one of the recruitment team, or on another pre-arranged date.

Should you attend a job fair?

Our research has shown that attending a Cruise Job Fair is 10 times more effective than applying for jobs online. Job seekers have an excellent opportunity to meet recruiters in person, hand out their CVs, introduce themselves, ask questions and get valuable feedback.

What can you expect?

Cruise Job Fairs are open for the public from 11am to 4pm. You can come and go any time and stay for as long as you wish. You can spend several minutes talking to each recruiter. Be prepared - dress smartly, have several copies of your CV printed out, prepare a brief introduction of yourself and think about questions you want to ask.

Prior to each event we will publish a list of all companies attending and positions they are recruiting for. Use that information to plan who you want to speak to on the day.

Our job fairs are usually very busy so so be prepared to wait in queues to speak to recruiters from the most popular companies.

Read more Information for Visitors.

Visit the Gallery to view photos and videos from previous events. They will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Event Sponsor

The official sponsor of Cruise Job Fairs is Viking. Visit their career website here. Viking are always looking for experienced and qualified candidates for their river and ocean-going vessels.

"I'm just emailing to say thank you as I got a job offer on the day of the cruise fair in Liverpool for a 7 month contract. I never expected this in a million years and wanted to feedback to you that I hope you continue to run them for other people like me."

Shannon M.
Restaurant Manager from Cardiff, UK

"I wanted to share some good news... I have a job offer on Viking Cruise Line!!! I am very excited. The job fair was an excellent use of time and resources and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend."

Heidi V.
Assistant Cruise Director from Seattle, USA

Why should you visit a Cruise Job Fair? Watch the video!

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