Cruise Job Fair - Berlin 2018
Travel Information

Travelling to Berlin to visit the Cruise Job Fair may be difficult and expensive. However, it is possible to travel on a budget.

By Bus/Coach

Berlin has excellent bus and coach links with all major towns and cities in Germany and other European countries. In most cases you can save a lot if you buy your bus ticket in advance.


Get a return coach ticket to Berlin for as little as €2.50 EUR from one of the following cities:

Cologne, Dortmund, Feldkirchen, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich and Nürnberg.

Buy your ticket now, the prices will go up closer to the date.


Buy cheap bus tickets to Berlin. Return ticket prices start at €10 EUR if you buy in advance.

You can travel from a number of German cities including Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Munich, Stuttgart, etc.


Find cheap bus tickets on Busradar. Here are some examples of overnight return tickets to Berlin:

Amsterdam from €58 EUR
Copenhagen       from €42 EUR
Krakow from €15 EUR
Vienna from €38 EUR
Warsaw from €30 EUR

By Car

Travelling by car is fast and convenient. Access to the job fair venue is easy and there is a public car park available.

If you want to cut cost of your travel, you can share the ride with other people travelling to the job fair.

Travel by your car

Register on car share websites such as Bla Bla Car and offer spaces in your car to other people who want to travel to the job fair at the same time as you. They will pay a part of your fuel expenses, thus brnging the travel costs down.

Join a ride

Look at car share websites like Bla Bla Car if there is anyone from your town travelling to the job fair. Contribute towards the fuel costs and travel to Berlin together.

Travel with your friends

Berlin is an exciting city. Why don't you spend a weekend in Berlin with your friends. Travel early enough to spend an hour or two at the job fair and then enjoy the city for the rest of the weekend.   ;-)

By Air

Use cheap flight searching engines like Kiwi, Sky Scanner or Google Flights to find the best flight to one of Berlin's two airports. Do not postpone, book your flight today, prices will only go up.

By Train

You may be able to find a good deal on train tickets on DB's website: